index card / PDF file (88.9KB)5C-EX-3 EXCERPTS FROM THE 2ND PERIOD 5C TAPES

01 IMPROVISATION 2-1 / Yatasumi-Usui-Onnyk (from 5C-12) (8.25MB)
02 IMPROVISATION IN A CIRCUIT (EXCERPT) / Nakatsuvo-Onnyk (from 5C-13) (5.39MB)
03 SAX AVEC RHYTHMBOX (EXCERPT) / Tamio Shiraishi (from 5C-14) (4.44MB)
04 TALERICAN HIT MEDLEY (EXCERPT) / Geso-Onnyk-Jun Yoshiwara (from 5C-ex3) (8.52MB)
05 COULD K.SCHULZE GET ON COUNTRY BUS? (EXCERPT) / Nakatsuvo (from 5C-15) (5.16MB)
06 BALSAN & MINOR (EXCERPT) / Geso-Onnyk-Kawara-Yasei (from 5C-17) (11.8MB)
07 EXTRACTS FROM 'HOWLING MUSIC' / Takeo Suzuki (from 5C-18) (9.70MB)
08 PART OF 'MAN-MACHINE II' / Hirohito Koyama (from 5C-18) (6.97MB)
09 SOLO PERCUSSION / Deku (from 5C-16) (3.04MB)