index card / PDF file (127KB)5C-EX-4 EXCERPTS FROM THE 3RD PERIOD 5C TAPES

01 CODE-MISSION / ICE9 (from 5C-27) (5.59MB)
02 excerpt from NARUHODO / Shigeo Yamagishi (from 5C-24) (6.04MB)
03 YUKI NO FURU MACHI O (EXCERPT) / Seiji Shimoda with Geso (from 5C-26) (7.94MB)
04 excerpt from live performance / Anpasaranparan (from 5C-20) (5.25MB)
05 JAZZ IS FOR NEVER / Ohtsuka-Geso-Kazamaki (from 5C-22) (5.10MB)
06 DA DOO RON RON / The Pockets (from 5C-25) (4.10MB)
07 from wireless correspondence between two cars / Shimoda, etc. (from 5C-28) (1.46MB)
08 Kazamaki(per) Solo (from 5C-28) (3.14MKB)
09 Talk in the Dark / Onnyk (from 5C-21) (7.28MB)
10 excerpt from performance / Jun'ichi Kawara-Onnyk-Geso-Yasei (from 5C-23) (7.24MB)
11 FREE MINUS / ICE9 (another version of 5C-19) (6.31MB)
12 from MOTHER / Deku (not included in 5C tapes) (2.65MB)

 「Talk in the Dark / Onnyk」(ここでのトラック09)が収録されており,全12トラックだった.
 また,B-5は「ETC. / ICE9 (from 5C-19)」と表記されていたが,これも誤りで,
 実際には5C-19所収「FREE MINUS」の別ヴァージョンが収録されていた(ここでのトラック11).